Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.

       1 Thessalonians 5:11

Vol. 2, No. 3: June 4, 2011       Editors: Nancy & Bronwyn      Design & Production: Harriet

Summer is Here!

art by alison another year flies by

“Another Year Goes By” by rtalison

Sistas, we had an awesome year together, from discovering the many names of God to the video sessions and teaching of the Faithful, Abundant, True study. In September, we frolicked with hilarity at Linda’s heavenly LaConner retreat. In December, we rocked-out at our Christmas party in Mary’s beautiful festive home. Okay, for those of you who didn’t attend the party at Mary’s. We didn’t have a rock band, but we did have a fun atmosphere so jovial we could have rocked if we wanted because God rocks! High Tech in Action 4 His Glory!

~Bronwyn, Nancy & Harriet


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Rappin’ With Nancy My Story
Upcoming Events Favorite Books – Judy Bodmer
Sonbeams by Bronwyn Summer Book Club at Taco Time
What Happened to Wendy’s Shoes? Sistas’ Ultimate Favorite Things
Sista Picture Corner Oscar’s Story
My Life Since Bible Study Favorite Summer Getaways


Rappin’ With Nancy

Nancy and Pastor Joseph
Nancy and Pastor Joseph



I worked with Pastor Joseph in Kenya during my OCC Mission trip in 2004. I continue to e-mail him and I’m committed to supporting him financially. A good income there is probably $50.00 a “month” to support the entire family. Pastor Joseph leads his church, works with Prisoners for Christ, brings God to prisoners in jail, starts up and supports new churches, and escorts Missionaries that come to help them. He also works directly with the Hatleys, missionaries who have built and run multiple homes and schools for orphans and a home and school for AIDs children in Nairobi.

Pastor Joseph is an amazing man and the most Godly man I know. I financially support him monthly and also try to send him extra support to help his children get necessary schooling so they can support themselves. Below is his letter about his personal life and his Prisoners for Christ work in Kenya. If you want to send a donation direct to him in Kenya, please mail to Pastor Ishmael and his wife. They help with PFC in the USA and will send 100% of donations directly to him in Kenya. Pastor Joseph will then send you monthly updates on his work and how your donation was used.

Christian Ministries In Africa
Gift for Pastor Joseph Ngara
905 Cleveland Avenue
Snohomish, WA 98290


Greetings and love in Jesus name.

Here comes another month of harvest in the Kingdom of God. It has been a wonderful month to celebrate what God can do within the month as I told you in my previous report, my family and friends and I were praying for a college for our son Patrick who completed his secondary education last year. During the same month (April) my daughter Millicent completed her diploma course in Co-operative Management on the 8th April 2011. Our son Patrick became confused in the choice of career and so God spoke to me to take him to some counselors and towards the end of April he was able to conclude on what he would want to do.

He choose to go to the Co-operative college as his sister. We prayed for same for God to confirm and on the 27th April, him and his sister Millicent went to Co-operative college. Come afternoon the same day they called me just to inform that Patrick has gotten a letter of admission to report on 9th May 2011. Only exactly one month from the date Millicent completed her Diploma (Glory to God!!). He chose to do the same course as his sister but this time it was divided into three sessions.

God is sooo Gracious in that I was able to get some money to meet the pre-course requirements as I also paid some small commitment deposit pending monthly installments as God will provide. (God is faithful and I know he will provide. If it happens that He talk to you in this subject, please do not hesitate to send your gift remarked.)

On the other hand the ministry is going on well as many inmates are coming back to their senses thus accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour in their lives. Glory to God!!. Generally in the month of April we were able to conduct 33 church services in 12 different Institutions. The total attendance was 5025 out of whom 382 inmates accepted Christ in their lives. Halleluyah.

Attached please find the detailed report on the same. Hoping you will keep us up in prayer that Millicent our daughter gets a job, God provide for Patrick in the college and that as many souls as we will meet behind the bars will accept the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Yours Faithfully Servant
Pastor Joseph Ngara
Prisoners for Christ in KENYA 

Living in Color for God, Nancy

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Upcoming Events

Women of Faith -Over the Top

Women of Faith over the top

Seattle, WA
October 28-29, 2011
Key Arena

Featuring hilarious speaker Patsy Clairmont, gospel music legend Sandi Patty &
American Idol finalist (2006) Mandisa, plus many more.

To register, call 888-49-Faith (888-493-2484) or go to

Women of Faith Events

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Art by Oscar
Art by Oscar

“The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit.”
John 3:8 NIV

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Sonbeams by Bronwyn

Royal Wedding Sonbeams

Royal Wedding Invitation
Royal Wedding Invitation

The guest list to Prince William and Kate Middleton’s royal wedding ranged from kings to charity leaders, prime ministers to shop owners, Elton John to Kate and William’s former flames. In all, the British Monarchy sent out 1,900 invitations. On thick white cardstock, the 10 by 6 inch invitations flaunted gilded edges, gold lettering, and Queen Elizabeth’s gold emblem. The invitation read: “The Lord Chamberlain has been commanded by the Queen to invite” the guest to the marriage at Westminster Abbey at 11:00 a.m. on April 29.

I wonder. What was the first thought of the invitees? Perhaps, “Oh no! Now I have to buy a hideous hat”? Or, “Lucky me. I must tweet this good news so the envy among my fellow tweeters can begin”?

Invitations can be fun-unless it’s an invitation to visit your gynecologist or proctologist. Can you imagine, “Dr. So-and-So has been commanded by the Queen to invite you to a royal pap smear?”

For me, and I’m guessing for most of you, our invitations don’t come to us on fancy cardstock. They come in the form of e-mails or e-vites, in-person or over the phone. I just received the most wonderful e-vite featuring a picture of Spiderman and requesting my presence at my nephew Gary’s “Spiderific” seventh birthday.

Some invitations take on a greater role with life-changing impact.

My dental hygienist received an invitation that changed her life. As she placed an uncomfortable metal instrument in my mouth, she explained, “I’m going to a woman’s conference at my church. It starts tonight and goes through this weekend.” She said this with much enthusiasm.

“Ahhhgaghhh!” (that’s me trying to respond)

My hygienist goes on, “Five months ago, one of my patients asked me if I had a church that I go to. I said to her, ‘No, I’m probably going to Hell.’ She invited me to her church. I decided to take her up on it and visited her church. I loved it. It wasn’t at all like I thought it would be. I’m so new at this. I’m reading the Bible now and discovering it has so many positive things in it that takes your mind off the negative things. It gives me hope.”

Her words amazed me. My hygienist, a native of Poland, hardly ever smiled in my previous visits. I noticed her smiling as she told me about her plans for the conference. What happened to her serious, all-business manner? She seemed joyful and happy. Had a transformation begun with the invitation of her patient?

It occurred to me later that every one of us has a life-changing invitation that requires an RSVP. This invitation isn’t extended to 1,900 special people sporting headgear that looks like something out of Dr. Seuss.

In Matthew 11:28. Jesus extends the invitation to anyone and everyone. It goes like this: “Come to me all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest.”

Of all invitations I’ve received in my life, none have been as cool and special and life-changing than the one Jesus extended to me, and I accepted, at a white-steepled Quaker Church in 1961.

I love the verse in Revelation 19:7 expressing the relationship between God and His people, “Let us rejoice and be glad and give Him glory! For the wedding of the Lamb has come, and His bride has made herself ready.”

The Scripture speaks of Christ as the groom and the body of believers as the bride. The imagery describes the relationship between Jesus and his followers as a marriage, expressing the eternal union of Christ and His Bride. At the Second Coming of Christ, believers will be united with the Bridegroom and the official wedding ceremony with take place.

That’s a wedding I’m looking forward to. And as far as I can tell, we won’t be adorned in the mad hattery ala William and Kate’s nuptials? Instead, we’ll have the Crown of Life (Rev. 2:10). That is something none of us, I’m sure, will ever list on eBay.

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What happened to Wendy’s shoes?


Lost: One pair of black shape-up tennis shoes, size 6.
These missing shoes are dear to Wendy.
If you find them, please contact the Sista to Sista staff.

little boy


Ode to Wendy & Her Shoes

by Bronwyn

She peered in her closet,
and looked on the chair,
She checked under the bed,
But her shoes were not there.

How could Wendy have lost her shape-up shoes?
So black, so fatigue-reducing,
and posture-improving too.
Oh where, Oh where,
Could Wendy’s shoes be?
Where did she last see them?
Oh my! Oh me!

Wendy asked her sistas to pray,
For her size 6 shoes to be found right away.
Prayers went up for Wendy’s lost shoes,
Then Wendy said Bon Voyage and sailed away on a Caribbean cruise.

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Sista Picture Corner

Denise and Rob in the Bahamas
Denise with her husband Rob at Half Moon Cay in the Bahamas

leslie and family
(l-r) Ryan, Jim, Leslie, Patrick, Jim Jr.and his wife Alice.

Sedona Rock Formation
Picture taken by Brenda of Sedona’s gorgeous rock formations.

Brenda in Sedona
Brenda in Sedona, Arizona.

Sistas, send us your travel pics, pet pics, kid pics, favorite pics. We want to print your pics in our new Sista to Sista magazine. E-mail pictures to:email address


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My Life Since Bible Study

by Sheryl

Sheryl and Chris
Sheryl and Chris


Women’s Bible Study has been a foundational place of strength for my faith walk. Shortly after accepting Christ, starting a family and starting to attend Overlake Christian Church I was encouraged, by desire to know God better, to attend Bible Study. After the first class with this Divinely appointed women’s small group I knew I found a home and for over 25 years I participated, volunteered in child care, led in women’s Bible study…as I often told friends and family, when I was not attending a Bible study I felt like a part of my body was missing, it is ‘bread of life’ to me. My last daytime women’s Bible study was co-leading with Gail on Tuesday mornings at OCC.

And then the Lord had new plans for me.

After raising our children as a stay-at-home mom, small business owner with my awesome husband Chris, I felt led to go back to work part-time (to help support our son’s tuition to attend private Christian college). Therefore, I was not longer able to attend daytime women’s Bible study and miss fellowship with my dear Sistas from whom I learn and love so much.

Faith walk never stops, just adds new paths.

By grace of God I:

  • Still attend Mom’s in Touch prayer time
  • Co-lead OCC Pre-marriage class with my husband
  • Meet with Wendy’s women’s mentoring group
  • Continued to meet with and have seen grow a ‘young mom’s’ neighborhood Bible study (we completed ‘Lord I Want to Know You’ and now doing ‘Faithful – Abundant – True’.)
  • Watching to see where Lord is working on Microsoft campus and joining in, one area being number of Christian women being hired as receptionists (gatekeepers) across the campus!

So that is my Faith walk after Tuesday morning Bible Study at OCC. I miss you all dearly and read and lift up your weekly prayer requests. I stand in awe of what the Lord continues to do within in this band of Sistas! I plan to introduce an ‘Angela’s purse’ to my young mom’s group, which meets every other Wednesday, 9 p.m. ☺!

God bless U REAL GOOD! Sheryl

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Then Jesus declared, “I am the bread of life. He who comes to me will never go hungry, and he who believes in me will never be thirsty.”   John 6:35

My Story

by Denise

Denise and Rob
Denise and Rob


My name is Denise and I was born and raised in the suburbs of Cleveland Ohio. Throughout my childhood I remember enjoying the outdoors as I still do today. I lived next to a few acres of woods where my friends and I hiked, made forts, and played games. I continue to love the outdoors and am in awe of God’s creation each time I’m outside. I really enjoy walking (wheeling!) around on trails and being with the Lord when it’s warm and sunny.

I’m currently married to my second husband and together we have five children who are ages 14, 16, 17, 20, and 21. We’ve been together for ten years and married for five. We met at a Christian singles group from Overlake Christian Church, but now currently attend Timberlake Christian Church. We met before our car accident which left me paralyzed, but continued to stay together during that challenging time and now are very happily married. We enjoy studying the Bible, spending time with our children, traveling, and being outdoors.

I’m very thankful for meeting all the women in this Bible group and look forward to growing in Christ together!

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Once upon a time plaque

Favorite Books

Meet Judy Bodmer, Author in our midst

Judy Bodmer and Drew
Judy Bodmer and Drew


Author Judy Bodmer never dreamed of being a writer. In fact, in college she set her sights toward a career counseling people on nutrition. But when her marriage didn’t go as planned, neither did her career plans.

“I’m a dietician, a graduate of the University of Washington where I got my training. I never knew I wanted to be a writer until my husband and I almost got a divorce,” Judy says. “In one last effort, my husband and I attended a Marriage Encounter. And that was the turning point in our marriage. Larry and I began to get involved in the Marriage Encounter ministry by talking to couples and telling them what helped turn our marriage around. I wrote out my talks and would read them at the Marriage Encounter. Soon people were coming up to me and asking if I was a professional writer. I said ‘no.'”

Judy continues, “I didn’t realize it at the time, but God was leading me to become a writer. I began to have a desire to write the story of how God healed our marriage. It was like God lit this fire inside of me. I began to read every book on writing I could find. I started taking classes at the [Lake Washington] VocTech. A passion for writing just took over. In a couple of years, I was teaching writing at the VocTech [now Lake Washington Technical College]. Soon after, I started selling articles.”

Google Judy Bodmer’s name today and she pops up on the screen as author, editor, national speaker, teacher, writer’s conference leader. Judy’s first book When Love Dies premiered in bookstores in 1999. Since then she authored a second book, What’s In the Bible for Mothers, in addition to writing numerous articles for publications like the Chicken Soup series, Reader’s Digest and a writing book called The Write Start. She continues to pour her creative energy into writing projects as well as encouraging, inspiring and mentoring other writers.

When asked how her writing ministers to her readers, Judy says, “One of the most touching stories came from a gal who lives in Australia’s Outback. After reading a short version of When Love Dies, sent out in e-mail format by Today’s Christian Woman, the reader explained, ‘My bags were packed, then I read your article. I decided to give my marriage another chance. It was like you were telling my story.”

Judy has many great joys in her life: her husband Larry who is Pastor and Director of Biblical Ministries at Overlake Christian Church; her two sons and daughters-in-laws; her grandson; knitting and crocheting; watching the Mariners-win or lose; and of course, spending time with her grandson.

Add to that, her passion for writing and ministering to people around the world, providing the kind of healing that well-written words provide.

For more information on Judy Bodmer, go to Judy Bodmer. To find her books, go to or

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Picture by Oscar
Picture by Oscar

“His delight is in the law of the Lord, and on his law he meditates day and night.
He is like a tree planted by streams of water,”     Psalm 1: 2, 3a. NIV

summer book club


Summer Book Club at Taco Time

We are sitting at The Feet of Rabbi Jesus…

It’s A RAP ☺

Invite all the Sista’s and join in the fun…

As we learn ancient customs and talk about The SON

We turn the pages and learn more each day…

We love learning about Jesus cause HE is here to stay.

The book piques our interest and the authors are genius…

From the BLUE cord Tassel to the footsteps of Jesus.

Our Taco Time study groups on target and ready to flow…

We’re excited, informed and ready to GO.

I love summer coming cause us Sistas have so much fun…

But am sad in September when we’re back on the run!!!

We are sitting at The Feet of Rabbi Jesus.

“Let your house be a meeting place for the rabbis, and cover yourself
in the dust of their feet, and drink in their words thirstily

JOIN us every Tuesday for our Summer Book Club. Taco Time at 10:00 a.m.

Love and blessings,

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Sistas’ Ultimate Favorite Things (and one husband’s)

Oprah has her ultimate favorites-the iPad by Apple, sparkly sequined Ugg boots, the Sophia Satchel by Coach and her all-time favorite moisturizer Hope in a jar by Philosophy-so we thought we’d create our own list. Here it is.

Apple iPad

The iPad was dubbed Oprah’s favorite thing of 2010. She said it is “the best invention of the century so far.” 


Denise – A clear teapot which comes with two small insulated teacups. I purchased the set at Teavana which is located on the second floor in Bellevue Square. My favorite tea to drink is called Fruito Bianco and one of the reasons I like it is when the tea is steeping, you can watch the tea leaves and flowers open up in the teapot. It’s very pretty (not to mention the taste is very light and sweet!) I also enjoy drinking the tea with a good friend or my husband on a cloudy cool day. It always seems to brighten things up even without the sunshine.Another-my electric throw blanket. I think the one I have is from Sears but there’s many out there that are very similar to mine. Mine is a tan color micro fleece soft fabric, which is very comfortable and cozy. It goes perfect with the nice cup of tea on the couch!

Nancy – My TIVO. I LOVE it!!! A forgetful senior can program, season pass, and tape way ahead even with brain freezes ☺

Bronwyn – Dove dark chocolate, which I keep hidden inside Italian pottery on a shelf in our living room (this is a strict secret: please don’t tell anyone). I began hiding my chocolate over 15 years ago when family members discovered they also like my Dove chocolates. The individually foil-wrapped chocolates are fun because they have a special message written inside each wrapper. Wait! I’ll indulge right now. Mmmmm. Oh yes, here’s the message: The fastest way to my heart is chocolate. Love, Dove. What other product offers bliss and a sweet message? Does toilet paper tell you it loves you? I think NOT. I love you too, Dove.

Carol – Neutrogena oils and sunblock come to mind since we are brown to a crisp (after vacationing in Cancun, Mexico). The next product I can’t do without is my “Nice and Easy” Hair Color. I even put it on my husband when he lets me.

Jerry – (Bronwyn’s husband)-Antique street rod, like a 1928 Ford coupe with blown (super-charged) engine (this is my dream to own); Bridgeport Mill (I have this machine. It gives me the ability to make precision, artistic things; Ben &Jerry’s Cherries Garcia ice cream (here again, I’m dreaming since my diabetes diagnosis makes me eat healthy).

Brenda – (has favorite stores, rather than products)-Ross (has good prices); Half-Price Books (fun looking for books); Sur La Table (fun to look at, and not buy, all the pricey gadgets).Leslie – FitFlop shoes. I saw someone at the nail salon with them on and she mentioned they sold them at Nordstorms. They are attractive (flip flops) and they also make sneakers and boots. When I wear them my feet do not get tired. In fact, I’ve noticed I can walk more with them on than walking in another pair of shoes or barefoot.

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Oscar’s Story

by Nancy

Oscar's drawing
Oscar’s drawing

Oscar is one of my favorite homeless friends that I have known for 2 years. He’s 35 years old and a mix of Mexican, Indian and American decent. He seems to have strong feelings for his Indian heritage. He’s from Las Vegas and arrived in Redmond/Seattle area 2 years ago.

I tell all my homeless friends they can USUALLY find me at Taco Time and they all recognize my silver car with the red pony tail ribbons. They also know if they are in need of something, they can ask for help. If they just want company, I always enjoy a visit from them. Once Oscar came in and said, “I need a hug.” Everyone needs to feel loved and given a warm hug. Everyone needs a friend or Bible Study group like mine that is willing to be a friend, donate, raise money or just give them a Christmas or birthday party because “That is What Jesus Would DO.”

Last year Aaron, (another special homeless friend), had a birthday party and knew exactly what he wanted to eat….Chili Rellenos and an Original Cheesecake “that tastes real…not the new phony type.” He licked the plate clean.

Recently, Oscar and I were having lunch and I had my current Bible Study book on the table and Angela’s Purse on the table too. Angela’s Purse is “OUR” purse to pass around during our meeting and we all put money in it so that when we find someone in need we’ll have the funds to help them. Oscar IMMEDIATELY emptied his pockets and put $1.01 in Angela’s Purse with a HUGE smile.

I try to think of things that I can give the boys to keep them motivated and positive. After giving Oscar colored pencils, colored chalk and a box of crayons, he instantly became a GREAT ARTIST! We are selling Oscar’s artwork to motivate him, show him self-respect, and also to fund Angela’s Purse. A win-win situation ☺

Oscar’s parting comments were: “Nature inspires me and being around animals brings me joy. We are all the same…whatever nationality we are.” He feels we should put away our differences and help each other. Lift up each other’s spirit, ask God and HE will give you what you need and everything happens for a reason. If you run into Oscar and me at Taco Time, drop by and give him a big HUG!!!

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Favorite Summer Getaways

Women on Beach


Carol – Cancun, Mexico. Sunny every day and we get to practice Spanish when we shop.

Brenda – Saratoga Bed & Breakfast in Langley on Whidbey Island. We really like it because it’s not far and it’s peaceful and the food is really good. We stay in the Carriage House room, which is above the garage. It’s nice and private and has a porch on the front and back of it. Very relaxing.

Nancy – Greece. It is magnificent, from the people and scenery to the history. I was in a historic spot and felt God’s presence. I also stood where Paul had stood in Corinth. The food and baked items were great too.

Bronwyn – Butchart Gardens, Victoria, B.C. The Night Illuminations begins at dusk, lighting up the trees and flowers with thousands of lights in various intensity and color transforming the garden into a sublime wonderland.

Leslie – Hawaii. We love Maui and two years ago we took our three sons and daughter-in-law to Maui for a summer vacation. We love the laid-back atmosphere and beauty of Hawaii. Maui has wonderful little towns to shop and visit plus the water sports are always fun and exhilarating. I also love wearing bright clothing and putting away the dreary black that people in the Pacific Northwest seem to wear. Most of all, the sunsets are beautiful and it makes me feel closer to God when I’m surrounded by the beauty of His creation.

A vacation is like love – anticipated with pleasure, experienced with discomfort, and remembered with nostalgia.   ~Author Unknown

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