Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.

       1 Thessalonians 5:11
The purpose of the Sista to Sista site is to spread Christian based information, spiritual growth and sista (woman) to sista (woman) support and encouragement. We focus on positive encouragement, our life experiences and Love of God. We have multiple short stories that are uplifting, motivating and informative.

God is in the Tremors

Dark Clouds over Ocean

“It is in the dark that God is passing by. The bridge and our lives shake not because God has abandoned, but the exact opposite: God is passing by. God is in the tremors. Dark is the holiest ground, the glory passing by. In the blackest, God is closest, at work, forging His perfect and right will. Though it is black and we can’t see and our world seems to be free-falling and we feel utterly alone, Christ is most present to us…”
Ann Voskamp, One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are

one thousand gifts

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Freely given to us by God


“The things that are “freely given to us by God” (1 Corinthians 2:12) are the only things we need to know now. A lot of the reason we grow so upset and disturbed about not hearing specifically from God is that we want what isn’t “freely given.” When we pray, “Lord, show me Your will,” we’re often asking for things that He knows are not pertinent for another twenty years. We want God to paint the whole picture right away, but He wisely withholds certain truths and information from us until we need it, when we can actually do something with it besides just mess it up.”
Priscilla Shirer, Discerning the Voice of God: How to Recognize When He Speaks


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Praying for Family


You can (and should) make all kinds of investments in your marriage, your children, and family. Investments of love and time. Physical and emotional support. Carpooling and counseling. Sweat equity and financial generosity. But based on the testimony of Scripture, your investment in prayer on their behalf is the leading, most effective use of your influence. Prayer will help you to better know God while also better knowing each member of your family. They have no better friend or companion in life than a praying husband or wife, parent or grandparent, or whatever wonderful role you’ve been called to play.

Lord, I bring my family before You today – their needs, their struggles, their goals, their concerns, their present, their future. These loved ones of mine are actually Yours, Lord, and You have graciously shared them with me. Help me best express my gratitude to You by never failing to pray for them, to seek Your will for them, and to ask for Your wisdom as I relate in love and loyalty toward them. Give me discernment as to their physical and spiritual needs in each season, and help me faithfully lift them up to You in faith, love, and in the power of the Holy Spirit. May many generations be blessed because of my prayers. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

Excerpt from The Battle Plan for Prayer: From Basic Training to Targeted Strategies by Stephen Kendrick, Alex Kendrick


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Worrying, Wondering, and Wandering


When we worry, we let our minds wander around from the past to the present to the future, and we wonder or reason about what is going to happen to us, and we lose our peace. God intends for us to keep our minds on what we are doing. I don’t mean to say that we never take time to learn from the past or to make plans for the future. But when we do, it should be something we do purposely, and not the result of a wild mind that never focuses on anything. All these types of thoughts will pressure us, because they are not God’s will. The prophet Isaiah said that God would keep us in perfect peace when our mind is fixed on Him.

You will guard him and keep him in perfect and constant peace whose mind [both its inclination and its character] is stayed on You, because he commits himself to You, leans on You, and hopes confidently in You.

Isaiah 26:3

The writer of Proverbs stated that the good man would be satisfied with “[the fruit of] his ways [with the holy thoughts and actions which his heart prompts and in which he delights]” (Proverbs 14:14).

Do you want to be peaceful, guarded by God, and satisfied? Then you need to realize that it begins with the thoughts that you choose to think. Your mind is connected to every feeling you have and every action that you take.

If you give yourself over to worry and reasoning, your thoughts may sound like this: How am I going to do everything I have to do? My life is impossible! This is more than I can handle. Instead of worrying about the future, you could think things like: God loves me, and He will take care of everything in my future. He will give me the strength and ability to do each thing I need to do as it comes up.

Excerpt from The Mind Connection: How the Thoughts You Choose Affect Your Mood, Behavior, and Decisions by Joyce Meyer

The Mind Connection by Joyce Meyer

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Consult God in everything


Consult God in everything. Always. Immediately. Quickly. Live with one ear toward heaven. Keep the line open to God.

“Is this opportunity from you, God?”

“Are you in this venture, God?”

“Should I take this road, God?”

At every decision. At each crossroads. Acknowledge him, heed him, ask him, “Do I turn right or left?” “Trust glory-days-max-lucadoin the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths” (Prov. 3:5-6).

Our relationship with God is exactly that, a relationship. His invitation is clear and simple: “Come and talk with me, O my people” (Ps. 27:8 TLB). And our response? “Lord, I am coming” (v. 8 TLB).

We abide with him, and he abides with us. He grants wisdom as we need it.

Excerpt from Glory Days: Living your Promised Land Life Now by Max Lucado

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